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Our Vision

Is to provide a conference that encourages, empowers & strengthens the women of the Far North as we stand united in our Christian faith.  

The Far North
is filled with unique women who, often in isolated areas, will raise families, run farms, travel long distances to work, support community groups, sports teams, church, sunday school, youth groups, fundraising efforts, host sleepovers, check homework, support elderly parents, grandparents...the list goes on.  And it is easy to forget ourselves in the midst of that.  

This weekend has been designed with 'local soul-food' in mind.  Local women, sharing local stories about how their faith has seen them through tough times, and how God, the author of our faith, is the reason for our worship. The weekend will include some fantastic food - soul food & yummy physical food, worship, treats and time to relax and enjoy each others company.  

So come and join us for some TLC...tender loving care,

TLC... the ladies conference.  

It's your Local

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